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The Dewy Path Retreat

Cha Dao and Zen is a true cultivation of an art of living that bridge the sacred and mundane seamlessly.⁣

Through lessons of setting your own Tea stage, you also learn to send ripples of the process throughout your everyday life.⁣

🦋 How to live a wabi sabi life⁣

🤍 How to honour Tea as the main starring role of the ceremony ⁣

🦋 move into showing up In Your Highest Expression ⁣

🤍 How to tap into the Feminine aspect of play fearlessly⁣

Showing up with reverence for Tea is like showing up⁣

For the Divine, for your Self⁣

The Manifestation of True Character comes from release of preconceptions and the I-know-it-all mind. ⁣

What if you come with a Beginner's Mind to everything you meet and do?⁣

🦋 Learn how the Six Dusts of Zen are only impure because we make them so⁣

Other people's gazes will fall away as you... ⁣

🦋 To honour, awaken and heighten your sensitivity ⁣

🦋 Turn the reverent gaze inward⁣

🦋 And awaken the divine within.⁣

Because what really matters is the matter of all matters - you.⁣

Link in bio to join now. I look forward to receiving your presence. ⁣

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