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Thank You For Your Presence

The Mountain Retreat In A Bowl, the first 3-week breakout mini SHUNYATA retreat has wrapped beautifully with the biggest hearts present today. ⁣

I am still swimming in this cosmic energy soup, feeling eternally grateful for this opportunity to serve and cross paths with some of the most beautiful beings ever on the Way of Tea · Cha Dao · 茶道 ·⁣


The second mini breakout retreat The Dewy Path In A Bowl 3-week Retreat will begin February 27 and the group is already coming to existence. I would love to have you if you feel called to explore and expand your expression of creativity with Tea.⁣

For three weeks, we will be exploring the manifold ways that Tea can coax out the inner artist in you, and how to use what is in harmony with nature to bring together a ceremony with Tea. ⁣⁣

🕊 Who are you? Who are you *in* your body?⁣⁣

From No-thingness, we create. ⁣🪶⁣

And Tea will guide us through the portals of awakening. ⁣🍃⁣

💮 Honouring this mandala of love that we will be creating together, you will also receive a gift box that includes living, clean Tea steeped in ancient wisdom and incense + incense bowl, handmade by @umeincense. ⁣

Register now via link in bio.

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