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Tea, The Great Connector

🍃 ※ Blessings to all beings ※ 🍃⁣

With the winds of change and tectonic planetary shifts that are bound to how we are feeling in these intense times, it is important to remember that the final blow, like the seismic shifts that happen within the Earth, is at its highest pressure before finally, a New Earth is born.⁣


Let us all stay connected and firmly entrenched in our beautiful practice. I am holding space this · Saturday, October 17, at 5pm BST · in the Virtual space of Zoom. Link is in my bio to sign up. If you would like to attend but cannot make the time slot, a recording is available as an option.⁣

〰️ Connect with yourself. Connect with all sentient beings. Connect with the Universe. 〰️

For centuries, Tea has inspired poetry and art, conversations, and wartime tenacity and courage. Tea has brought friends and enemies together. Tea has human-friendly qualities that allows Her spirit to meld into us and take us gently by the hand to transcendence so effortlessly. In other words, unlike many plant medicine that demand of us to enter their kingdom in order to benefit from their powers, Tea Spirit enters our world in manifold ways when we sit in ceremony and reverence silence with Her, moulded to what we intrinsically need for our own healing process. The Chinese character of Tea itself is an enmeshment of nature and humans, and even in the word Community, we hear Tea resounding through the very voice of harmony, love, and connection.⁣

. ⁣

🕊〰️ JOURNEY ON CHA DAO ° POETRY, PRESENCE AND CONNECTION CIRCLE 〰️ doors are now open · a seven-week journey that takes place in the virtual space so you can be in any part of the world and still join in on this beautiful journey ⁣inspired by cloudwalking sages and mystics · ⁣⁣⁣

🍃 DM me to get an early bird code by October 13. Registration closes October 26. Begins November 3. Link in bio to read all about the Circle.  ⁣⁣ ⁣

➰ not ready for a full journey? book in for a private Tea Ceremony for a discovery experience, or join me on one of my virtual Tea Ceremonies. Links are also in my bio.

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