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Tea On Arthur's Seat: One Encounter, One Chance

There is a saying in Cha Dao: ichi go ichie. One encounter, one chance. We all come together in this space and share this Tea, and then we all part and go our own solitary way, each bearing Tea Spirit with us. In life, there will be times when we all feel helplessness, our knees sunk low and deep into the mud of consternation, our senses and thoughts lost to the wild abandoning winds. We all need guidance. We all seek advice and solicit for help in times when the shadows elongate, but it takes courage to concede and listen, to take in what is good for us - and many times, those are not the easiest parts to accept, a hard decision to make, a parting shot that breaks a heart to make. It is in this twilight zone that we often find profundity in a broken heart, the light that gets through the shards. We seek God, the Universe, our inner being, our highest self and thrive in our flow in concordance with the Universe, and this flow is the Dao - in the words of our teacher Wu De, "As the Dao leads, we follow." With Cha Dao we can walk these paths knowing that we always have this bowl of steaming hot Tea to which we can return and meditate in Her stillness. When we empty our minds, Her wisdom will arise and Her whispers will break open our hearts.

If you are reading this far in, you know you are awakening to this new earth, these winds of change. We are here because we seek radical, wild love. We are here because we believe in speaking our truth. Showing up as our authentic selves is the Way. Through harmony with Nature and through honouring that sacred space within our hearts to which Tea can touch, we will find that the guiding light already exists within us. 🕊🌿☯️ ➰

Infinite gratitude to you, my starseed sister @lifeisjustastorywritten. It is so good to have finally met. You are truly a gifted generous soul. If only the sun wasn't melting me into the ether I trust we would have had an endless stream of stories to fill each other's bowls. Here is to more Tea and starlit memories together! 🙏🏻🧡

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