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Tea Offerings In August 2020

Leo season offerings... for now (more to come!) 🦁♌ ⁣

· Tea Ceremony and Breathwork Healing Circle for Full Moon in Aquarius with @satyasoulhealing ~ Sunday, August 2, 3pm BST⁣, link in bio

· Finding Calm Joy Morning Tea Ceremony ~ Monday, August 3, 8.30am BST⁣, link in bio

· Virtual Tea Ceremony at @weareformless ~ Sunday, August 9, 10.30am BST, sign up via the platform

· Monday mornings at @calmoncanningstreet ~ every Monday, 10.30am BST, sign up via the studio⁣

· Private one-to-one Tea Ceremonies available. More time slots have now been added to accommodate requests from all around the world ☯️🧡⁣


If you have sat with me for tea⁣

You know I always begin with the saying⁣

※ Ichi go ichie. ※⁣

One chance, one encounter.⁣

That's the thing about walking the Dao.⁣

That's the thing about life.⁣

We are constantly changing.⁣

We are constantly evolving.⁣

Change is what shifts us to higher consciousness and healing from the soul is a call back to the divine love in which we are all born.⁣

Fear of change is human⁣

But pushing forth to change anyway is courage. ⁣

We all may have to break in order to find it; to fall in love, to leave, to surrender, to die and come alive again in order to find it. But this, this living from the heart, is irreplaceable, irreversible, when you finally be it. Ever grateful for Cha Dao for showing me the Way. 💙🌊⁣

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