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Super Full Moon In Virgo Energy (March 9, 2020) Tea Ceremony: Believe In Your Super Attractor Power

Today, in honour of the #fullmoon in #virgo, I sat in noble silence with Tea Spirit and the lovely @tendressedesign and harnessed this Super Worm Moon energy, imbibing our highest self and rooting in our true #SuperAttractor energy. With Virgo we can set intentions to declutter and purge what no longer serves us. This becomes even more powerful with the #mercuryretrograde coming to an end at the same time, and we can bask in this beautiful sign's strengths and watch how our vibration transform as we reconnect ourselves through Tea with Nature, our hearts, and our inner being. This is the time to embrace our Higher Self and know that we are stepping into the new self, now. Kensho tasted distinctly different today, as this mysterious moonlit tea would. Magical. 🤫💛💫🍃

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