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Spring Equinox and More Instagram Live Meditation Sessions Announcem

◇ S P R I N G ◇ E Q U I N O X ◇

Vernal equinox, your sunshine streams across Mother Gaia. I welcome you with Grace, a Sheng Puerh that has travelled with the wonders of human creations to me, with human love coming from my beloved tea sister halfway across the world in Hong Kong. We are all connected. Tea presents this connection with Her alchemic ways, in which that Tea comes alive with fire, water, earth, and of course the human hands. When Tea Spirit sits with us we can drop all our egos and identities and just be; a lesson that can be taken away from this tea ceremony and applied to life as a Dao, a Way of life that flows as the Universe flows. When you are being, you can find gravity in your heart centre, knowing that what matters is this very breath you breathe, and this person you love and all the people you are to love. We are all connected. More than ever we are reminded of the strength of community, of meditation, of plant medicine. I will be coming on my Instagram handle and braving all doubts in my mind to reach out to sit with you, dear community, through the digital waves, with a few bowls of tea. I will be setting aside time to also sit in Instagram Lives so you can join me and perhaps share a moment of silence, or have a nice chat over tea with me. Wherever you are, know that you are taken care of. Always. Namaste. 🙏🍃

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