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Silent Meditation: That's When Still Waters Speak

◇ S I L E N C E ◇

What is silence to you?

Is it a solitude that suppresses the heart?

Or is it

A quietude that tranquilises the heart, heals the soul, and consciously rewrites the neuro pathways in your brilliant mind?

What is a single breath

Taken in

A deep blue silence?

A wave in the sea

A ripple in the water

Our body

The vessel for all our histories and stories

A well of water, muddied by the world

And yet if we sit

Just in silence

The water will calm down

And grains of these stories will settle

In stillness


Purity 🌿


When still waters speak, it serves to illuminate your heart.

When you let the stream of fluid light flow through you with an open heart, the possibilities for expansion is as boundless as the sea.



I wrote those three lines above at the early stages of my Tea journey. Today I added more in an aftermath of silence, a contemplation of stillness and its definition in silence. Through daily practice, She has quickly become an old friend with whom I love meeting up every day, to whose interactions I look forward every single day. Silence expands the heart. An expanded heart will rise up to the quantum energies of the Universe. An expanded heart is the Universe. And to flow with the rhythm of the Universe, to surrender to its magnificent intelligence, is the essence of Cha Dao.


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