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Serving Tea To Many Lips

Sitting on the shore⁣

Serving Tea.⁣

I only have two bowls⁣

And many lips.⁣

Lips that mesmerise me⁣

In the way they take in the golden liquid.⁣

There is something so sacred about lips touching the Earthenware ⁣

Of lips upon lips sharing sharing same worn bowl ⁣

Of saltwater intermingling with the flavours of Tea⁣

One Tea, One Thousand Things.⁣

Do not severe your head from your heart.⁣

Do not punish the body for being human.⁣

The soul wants to come through your physical experience ✨⁣

It is spirit and matter entwined 🍃⁣

Loving with presence⁣

and living with calm joy⁣

From this used bowl of Tea⁣

And this tiny space for Tea ⁣

Set up with sticks and stones and everything in between⁣

I understand now⁣

Is not to defy our human imperfections ⁣

Is not to quickly discard anything you deem imperfect and impermanent⁣

Scarred and dented and marred by the ravages of air, touch and light ⁣

But to repair ⁣

To allow Nature's course to mend and bend and move;⁣

But to embrace the human experience⁣

And smile upon the challenges that are created for us to grow, expand, and ascend...⁣

Until we spiral downwards again to the great no-thingness for another Great Work to begin again. ⁣

Begin again...⁣

In the temple of Goddess Xi Wang Mu⁣

Through the darkness⁣

Where your essence of light and a bowl of Tea are⁣

Carried with the quietude of the Dao ⁣

by the lotus vessel of the Goddess of Compassion Guan Yin⁣

Forever more.⁣


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