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Seeing The Sacred In The Daily

Tea medicine heals the false sense of divide.

Life is a sacred ceremony.

Life is a daily practice.

Your life is your art.

Your art is your life.

There are feelings no words can convey.

You feel it in your body.

You feel it running through your veins.

In the sacred Union

You remember how to dream

You remember what it is like to truly live.

You are so precious, my love.

You are doing your best.

You are not alone.

You don't have to figure everything out yourself.

You don't have to earn your worth to finally love and live.

You are worthy. You are born to love. You are born to have the most beautiful life.

I have consciously bowed out of the matrix

And in the wandering clouds I can see through your eyes

There is no need to prove

To talk over each other

To compete

When truth within you is awakened.

No longer interested in engaging with the whims and woes that are not yours to carry.

Sitting in your flourishing centre of stillness where the wholeness of your authentic power gives birth to a love that has no expectations.

You simply know that your vibration is a match for all that you are.

Let your energy speak for itself.

Let your soul radiate from every pore of your being.

Divine woman, it is time to cross over the threshold into a whole new way of being.

A surrendering.

A reclamation.

A return.

An ancient remembrance.

Fill your cups up with the inevitable nature of night coming after day, and day after night.

Walking through the magical night we come to daylight eventually, the sublimated becoming enlightened as what was in the subconscious rises to consciousness.


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Be you, be free, it's all available for you, 💋⁣

LiYing 🎐

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