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Saying YES To Freedom

I am so bloody proud of these beautiful beings who are saying yes to reclaiming their innate connection with their bodies and rebuilding this home for their spirits.

Disordered eating has a wide spectrum and comes with various narratives. I honour these beings because despite every niggle they have to overcome each day, and despite the overwhelming noise of scarcity out there, they are putting a stop to this constant loop of dieting and saying HELL YES to full commitment to freedom and love, presence and connection within their bodies.

I cannot begin to tell you how my own life is transformed each time I sit with a being struggling with body issues and find, in their own very special ways, the door to exit stage Left from this dire story in which we keep ourselves when we are stuck in the self-loathing, disconnected stage.

Anybody who wants to do the deep work 1-1 with me, March and April start date intake is up right now.

and growth.

The programme is based on my personal recovery journey, tried and tested.

We will go through

🦋 divine trauma healing

🦋 inner child rehabilitation

🦋 neutralising stigma around food

🦋 non-duality and body neutrality

🦋 intuition recalibration through body and spirit

🦋 feeding the hungry heart

🦋 self-worth and trigger neutralising techniques

And that is just touching the surface of the powerful transformative journey on which you can choose to embark with me. I am unconventional, but I am always here for you with love and compassion in a space to explore and be open with each other. we will be going on an epic journey. Book in for a complimentary Share and Heal Session worth £300 now.

Get on a call with me to map out your challenges and the logistics.

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