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Sacred Dove, Sacred Earth

When it comes to self-cultivation, deepening our spiritual connection, or embarking upon the path of spirituality, I find it most vital now more than ever to bring into focus the root chakra by turning to the mundane -physical touch, the making of Tea (but of course), the sweeping of floors, the washing up of dishes etc - because of the oft-overlooked aspect of disconnection between the spiritual and the physical.⁣ When there is a great sense of separation from the body, this pain body manifests in the form of eating disorders. ⁣ The spirit loses a home. There is nothing alive; all is numbed. It is as though the very core of us has lost an anchor, and so becomes a ship badgered by the waves, tossed and turned wilfully by the volatile winds. ⁣ We attempt to dissolve into the shadows to hide away. And when we put on a brave face, in all our bravado, we learn to numb, to stop breathing, just to beat ourselves into conforming a shape that society deems suitable.⁣ Do you know that your disordered relationship with food and body is a gift?⁣ I can say this with conviction. ⁣ Because what is underneath it all is: are you feeling enough?⁣ 🌊 Discover the true reason you keep diminishing yourself - break the chains of social conditioning of seeing only what is wrong to heal your vision with Beginner's Mind.⁣ I want to help you break the cycle of resistance and restriction that arises from perfectionism and stop your self-sabotage in its tracks. I want to empower you with the practices that allow you to love life knowing that the Universe always has your back. Stop dieting and start living. Stop judging yourself and start living. Stop holding onto the past and start living. Stop obsessing and start living. Stop burning out and rushing from one point to another endlessly and START LIVING. Wholeness starts here now.⁣ Two options to get started 〰️🌈

🪶 Get your free guide by simply completing a 3-minute quiz⁣ 👇🏻 🪶 Book in for a free 1-hour Share & Heal Session with me to get clarity on your challenges and formulate guidance tailor fitted for you 🌟🕊🤍👇🏻

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