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Root To Rise

In the infinite light⁣

I crossed the stream of consciousness ⁣ Trekked the mountains ⁣ And found a hut.⁣ I sat there for the longest time⁣ Not knowing time⁣ Not knowing age⁣ This here ⁣ Where the shadows come in and out⁣ And the sunlight winks and moves on⁣ This here is all there is.⁣ Sitting on the mountaintop ⁣ I sing the song of a brave bird⁣ But no one hears me.⁣ No one hears me. ⁣ But there⁣ I see the Dao when I close my eyes⁣ I feel the Dao in me⁣ I allow the Dao to align my humble self with the heavenly bodies in the cosmos⁣ I open my heart to listening for the soul's whispers⁣ This is not mine⁣ None of this is mine to stake my claim ⁣ And so I give them away⁣ I give them to you⁣ There is nothing to hide ⁣ Nothing to pinch away into the night.⁣ I only ask of you to learn to unlearn⁣ To unsee⁣ To un-know⁣ Let us all not be righteous⁣ And let us all give each other a hand to hold⁣ To raise and lift us up.⁣ Your hand is needed.⁣ So needed.⁣ 🍃⁣ 🕯⁣ 🌕⁣ 🕊

May you stay rooted and open to the heavenly channels above in this time ✨

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