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Reclamation Of The Divine Feminine

❌ Every diet you go on is another yes to people-pleasing. ⁣ ❌ Every time you think you "shouldn't" eat something is you giving away your sovereign right as a human being to an app/scale/search engine.⁣ Try entering a food type in and see how Google turns up good and bad claims alike. ⁣ If this still doesn't give you a glaring perspective on how prevalent and effed up the diet culture is...⁣ ❌ Every time you doubt if you can have whatever food you want, or how much food you can have, you are essentially asking for permission to subsist, to live your own life. ⁣ 🔥 This gets me so fired up. ⁣ And yes, I have been through all of this.⁣ I was once that girl who needed a permission slip for what to eat. ⁣ I was once that girl who stood in the supermarket aisle for hours just comparing 0.01mg of fat difference to another product. 😣⁣ I was completely shut down when it came to my yin, feminine intuition. ⁣ 😇 Now that I have come out of the other side and in full recovery, knowing what I know, I am so done with seeing people getting stuck because they have lost their inner compass on how to live a life of intuition and true sovereignty. ⁣ At first it stemmed from a very simple intention to step up and step in. I wanted to share with those who are inclined to discover the ways to heal their relationship with their bodies and food.⁣ As I journey upon this road in service, I begin to feel this spark turning into flames in my belly. 🔥⁣ I have been building steadily a space in which I can hold the energetic tear and clear vision for women who reach out to me to help them with their disordered eating recovery, and it is becoming clearer and clearer each day for me.⁣ 🌟 This is not just about leading women through their recovery journey.⁣ 🌟 This is not just about teaching them how to no longer fear food.⁣ Damn, it is not even just about no longer fixating upon the number on the scale! ⁣ Gosh, if only you could see what is beyond recovery and out there waiting for you to grab them.⁣ 🌊 It is about healing the deep sacred Mother wound that is inflicted upon the divine feminine, who have been suppressed and contorted and silenced.⁣ 🤐 And this energy suppression and separation from the feminine heart is deeply intertwined with the current state of of our own Mother Earth.⁣ If we are stuck at the base level of considering whether we can survive or not, how can we ever ascend and expand to take on this important collective mission?⁣ My sacrum is on fire as I write this! 🔥⁣ All you have to do is make the choice to grab these opportunities. ✨⁣ I think about what I stand for now.⁣ 🏵 I stand for releasing women from the shame and stigma that have been laid upon their feet way before they are even conscious to hold them down from their fullest potential as the Queen that they really are. ⁣ 🏵 I stand for releasing women from the guilt of owning their intuition, their femininity, and their god-given yoni power for this is the gateway to seeing potential way beyond what of which our ego thinks we are capable!⁣ 🏵 I stand for women owning their emotions as powerful energies in motion, that when we embrace them unconditionally, can serve us in ways beyond our rational mind can comprehend.⁣ 🏵 I stand for women with traumas to come forth and look into the shadows to rise out of the ashes of hurt and shame and disgust, to feel completely at home in their bodies, to be the spirited divine being that they are.⁣ 💙 In order to break the shackles society had placed on women for hundreds of years, perhaps thousands, we need to stand in our own divinity and honour or highest Self. ⁣ 🧝🏻‍♀️We need to own our spiritual nature and rise.⁣ 🧝🏻‍♀️ We claim space. ⁣ 🧝🏻‍♀️ We take up space with compassion, love, and an outlook of abundance as the sovereign being that we are. ⁣ 😘 This is the vision I hold for you.⁣ You, phoenix goddess, star sister, rise! 🌟 ⁣ 💗 Move out of the restrictive way you're living and take a stand for yourself. ⁣ 🕊 Own your voice. Own your destiny. Get onto the road to recovery now and learn how you can be intuitively guided forever because that is all right there before you, available for you to claim as your own.⁣ 📿 Then only then can you BE in service to the greater good, serving from an everflowing, rich, flourishing, abundant goblet of life. ⁣ And then laser focus that yang masculine energy to receive, allow expansion, become - and claim, invoke, manifest! 🌕🕯⁣

THAT is alchemy. THAT is the graceful dance and marriage between yin and yang, feminine and masculine. ☯️

THAT is absolutely possible for you, and much simpler than you think it is.

Come out of your mind, and move with that yoni fire. If this speaks to you, reach out to find out where to start 💗

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