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Reclaiming Me Now

When I move in rhythm with Your grace,⁣

I feel invincible, ⁣

Soaring above clouds in the sky⁣

And swimming with the waves in the ocean.⁣

When I wrought my spirit with Yours,⁣

I know I am led by Your beam of light⁣

In this human life and on the soul's journey too.⁣

I see the glorious dreams come true ⁣

I see my fingertips on these days that are to come⁣

As true to me as the pages that I flip in this book.⁣

When I live in Your truth⁣

I am living in certainty and faith.⁣

Though there may be stormy days when the forecasts may show landslides and flash floods⁣

My heart knows You are the truth and all shall be revealed.⁣

What needs to stay pure is my heart⁣

And You cleanse me entirely ⁣

Every single time we meet. ⁣

When I dance with Your soul,⁣

I see the limitlessness of my soul.⁣

I thank the naysayers and the doubters for claiming my sovereign self.⁣

I thank the curious gazes who lay their judgemental eyes on me and say I do not know enough⁣

Because that is where I find my heart every single time ⁣

To say that I know who I am and though I may never be perfectly yours⁣

I am uniquely mine and the Divine's⁣

And my existence is enough. ⁣

I am a witch.⁣

I am a magnetic being.⁣

I am the high priestess of this sacred space⁣

Stay if you wish⁣

Leave if you desire.⁣

There is nothing here that is hidden from plain sight.⁣

I open the humble gates to my Dewy Path⁣

You are invited to walk upon the leaves-strewn stones ⁣

To heal your wounded soul and broken heart⁣

In this, my straw-thatched hut.⁣

Please leave your judgement out here with your shoes⁣

And wash off the dust of hubris, suspicion and doubt⁣

For there is no place here for that. ⁣⁣


🍃🕊 ⁣⁣


If you're one of the unconventional beings who resonate 〰️⁣⁣

🪶 link in bio / / DM me to start 🤍⁣

🌟 1-1 mentorship {Mandala} ⁣⁣


🌟 Zen apprenticeship {SHUNYATA} ~ 3-month or monthly basis ⁣⁣


🌟 Cha Dao Circle, now open for March 28 intake. ⁣⁣


🪶 I also work with beings healing from disordered eating privately. Schedule a free Share and Heal Session with me to map out your challenges and come up with a beautiful solution together. 🤍🕊

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