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Radiant Feminine Energy In Flow

The roots of the tree continues to grow, stretching and reaching towards the empty centre of the Inner Earth.⁣

The bark begins to rise in space continuum, piercing veils as it moves upward in the opposite direction, reaching for the light.⁣

Branches now caress the clouds and play with the stars. Leaves flourish from buds, explosions of joy photosynthesising pure abundance of the infinite Source, the Way · Dao · 道 ☯️ ⁣

In the veins of the Leaf runs the deep wisdom of Mother Gaia.⁣

In the veins of the Leaf the Goddess of The West whispers her alchemy:⁣

You are whole.⁣

You are a divine creation.⁣

You are a magnificent creator.⁣

You hold so much power in your body. ⁣

You are the cosmos. Now you must know that. You must.⁣

Now the Leaf comes back to its holy aliveness in a ceremony.⁣

The Dao · 道 ·🐉animates nature and this human existence.⁣

Flesh and bone, breath and chemistry, all one confluence, all one Dao ·道·.⁣

The Dao ·道· is everywhere. ⁣

It is in your Tea. It is in the bowl you hold in this Tea Ceremony. ⁣

You can activate your dao ·道· in this moment. You can Live In Ceremony everyday, starting from this moment, now.⁣

Command it to be shown to you.⁣

Your life is meant to be so sacred - even in your dishwashing, even in your commute from work to home; even in that second you glanced into your eyes in the mirror - ⁣

Hear the shaman's drum. Hear the distant temple bell toll. ⁣

Hear the indigenous spirit at one with the snowing mountain streams, the bonfire, the mist and the mountain peak and crystalline minerals in the dark caverns. ⁣

Your Dao ·道· is calling. Command for the Way 🐉 to be shown and it will be shown.⁣

Your energy comes from an infinite source. A source of abundance, grace, ease and love.⁣

Command it and the Universe will show the way and put all the sequences into order.⁣

All you have to do is sit in this centred stillness, and take intentional actions at every turn when you are called. ⁣

Clear, purposeful, graceful, easeful. ⁣

Who told you life has to be hard? ⁣

Forget all about that.⁣

Let's have a bowl of Tea.⁣


What is your dao ·道· 🐉? How can you love life - love yourself - today? 🤍⁣


Warmest Love, ⁣


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