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Qing Ming/Tomb Sweeping Day: Join Me For A Virtual Tea Ceremony To Honour Your Ancestors

Qing Ming (also known as Ching Ming, or in English, Tomb-Sweeping Day) is a festival observed by many as an age-old tradition in Asia (in particular, East and Southeast Asian societies) that honours lineage and ancestral ties. The customs vary according to the familial clan (my own memories consist of sweeping and cleaning tombstones and arranging flowes at the crematorium , with family members gathering with chit chat and laughter in tow. It would always be scorching hot so we would try to finish up early and head home for a meal together) but in concert with the harvest seasons (pre-Qing Ming) for many Teas, this day feels like the perfect time to truly sit in noble silence with Tea and all the Spirits who have sat with Tea before us and the Beings who will sit with Tea after us. In this way, we are crystalline. Beyond matter, our connections are extended to all of the Universe. Tea is a plant medicine whose whispers of age and Her connection to Heaven and Earth that can truly draw us all closer together in this mandala created by a Tea Ceremony. Join me this Saturday, 4 April, at 1pm GMT for a virtual #instagramlive #byot Tea ceremony. I also understand that some of you may prefer to go deeper into your sharings, of which you'd like to conduct face-to-face. I would love nothing more than to connect in this way so please reach out or rsvp in the link in my bio and I can send over a Zoom link. Looking forward to serving you Tea 🍃🙏 PS: this #chabu is handmade by my mother 💛

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