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Pisces Season: When Still Waters Speak

♓ P I S C E A N ♓ E N E R G Y ♓ Water. Fluidity, entirely formless, that fills up emptiness and cleanses the soot. Still water – drop a pebble and see the ripples grow in shapes of imaginary soundwaves. · Sitting for tea lately, I have been giving my mind to water a lot. It could be the incessant downpour here, or it could be the river that runs through the city, a vein that courses and pulses through the storied landscapes of #Edinburgh. Sounds of water flowing, sounds of water pouring from the kettle, sounds of water falling from the skies, sounds of water in the river bloated from the storm – They steal into my dreams and into my ears, ever flowing, ever fluidly, ever lucidly. · They say all that is heavy and dark sediments fall to the bottom of still waters. Do not stir it for the goodness of it shall float, by its own will, to the surface. This is how it's like, I guess, this is how it's like to let go and let nature take its course – to let the universe work out the kinks and bring me more than my wildest imagination can ever conjure.

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