Piercing The Know-it-all Mind

I have been witnessing this inwardly and outwardly and I have decided to get this off my chest.⁣

Not because it would make me feel better, no. But more importantly it may serve somebody, anybody who resonates with this.⁣

I am witnessing a really intense stream of "know-it-all" in this sphere that can become intensely harmful.⁣

Oh yes we are all trying to put our voice out in a field saturated with solutions and impassioned call for a tribe to be formed.

But when these beings are held within their know-it-all mind, they have forgotten the primary principle of holding space -⁣

To drop all judgements.⁣

To go into no-thingness and the I-Don't-Know mind in order to become a vessel for the divine.⁣ This clears the path for the soul to commune with the body, and for the body to commune with the mind.⁣

To become a non-being.⁣

To go into non-doing to be able to see it as what it really is and with compassion and love.⁣

And ultimately, to drop into a place where you are willing to receive new knowledge, where you can sit and listen about another modality different than your own healing process, and be open to receive and allow.⁣

So please. This is my call to you.⁣