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One Chance, One Encounter

〰️C ON F E S S I O N〰️⁣

Parting ways is inevitable. ⁣

Tea's teachings that all things must come to an end has been life-changing. ⁣

Even as I say these words · ichi go ichie · One chance, one encounter, I say them because I feel the truth in every ceremony being the first and last time we sit together like this.⁣

Little did I consider how upon parting ways on a high of gratitude and love that we could truly never meet again.⁣

Perhaps my brain wanted to block that out. I have always been a lousy one for goodbyes. I always have questioned why endings must come. Insurmountable grief. ⁣

So I sit with Tea after every ending has come, just to feel the end linger upon my shoulders and then lift off, evaporating into the air. ⁣

I take a deep bow until Spirit has left without a trace.⁣

I know each ceremony must come to an end.⁣

I also know there should never be an expectation for us all to gather the same way again. Human tendencies clouding the Dao. It is not a fault or a flaw. We are beautiful, just as we are. All we know is time is man-made, not something designed by nature.⁣

Daoists have, for centuries, explored ways to articulate the Way, and yet, it is in this lack of articulation that makes the Way something with which we could sit as our true self for a lifetime - as fluid as the seasons that come and pass.⁣


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