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Once Gone, Forever Lost

I sit here ⁣

Holding this bowl ⁣

Feeling the curves and indents against my fingertips⁣

I sit here ⁣

Holding the Universe ⁣

This one precious moment ⁣

Like a dewdrop about to leap off the edge of the leaf⁣

Once gone⁣

Forever lost. ⁣

But no, what is this serenity that walks with me?⁣

This precipice of truth that hunts me down every time I go too close to the well of darkness?⁣

I sit here⁣

Holding this moment of solitude ⁣

And felt the trillions of stars play inside my body.⁣

I feel alive⁣

I feel the Universe spiral outward to the skies above⁣

Heaven's doors are open⁣

The energy that spirals downward to Inner Earth are drawing me closer and closer to the ley lines that have been invisible to human eyes for light years.⁣

Now we have come⁣

Now we are rising⁣

In the now our time is come.⁣

The moment is now.⁣

How would you like to remember this now?⁣


The transformative moments are often quiet, but if we listen intently we can learn to see the Universe within us and dance with its energy.⁣

Who am I?⁣

I am LiYing, your guide and initiator into the Sacred Way through natured-led practices and the supportive system of non-judgmental spaces. My teachings are centred upon the heart, always revolving around love, poetry, presence and connection. I seek to honour the souls within each one of us with the lost art of sacred body-spirit connection. To date, I have hosted over hundreds of Tea Ceremonies in the tradition of Cha Dao that give a non-judgmental and non-duality space for beings who seek to be in harmony with nature and heighten their spiritual sensitivity. ⁣

I currently work privately and hold Sacred Circles with beings with restrictive and disordered eating through a fluid, intuitive programme called A Space To Be Free to make way for full body acceptance and true embodiment of the present moment in both their spiritual and human existence. ⁣

Learn all about how Your Body Is The Home For Your Spirit. Book in for a complimentary Share and Heal Session worth £300 now, or join the next Sacred Circle on February 28, at 12pm GMT. Link in bio. 🍃⁣

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