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On Being Called Weird

On being called weird...⁣

I had a buck tooth growing up.⁣

Have I ever talked about that before?⁣

No, not really because I haven't really thought of it for a long time.⁣

The one tooth that was front and centre had created lots of commotion.⁣

I was told to never smile. ⁣

I was told to get it fixed.⁣

I was told to take it out and replaced by a prosthetic.⁣

Even though it is no longer that visible now thanks to the Holy Dentistry Technology, I still cowered in the shadows of that girl with a buck tooth in the mirror.⁣

😭 I was consumed by body shame. I was a big people-pleaser who changed her personality to appease others. I was hiding and shrinking away big time because I didn't want to be called sensitive.⁣

That girl with a buck tooth smiles a lot.⁣

She wants to be hugged and kissed. She wants to be loved.⁣

She wants to be remembered. She wants to be cherished.⁣

And I can now give this to her, unconditionally, because I am not ever abandoning myself ever again. I am never going to back down from standing in my authentic truth.⁣

💞 That girl with a buck tooth is an angel, a goddess in every way.⁣

I always return to my inner child whenever I see something playing out in my life in a way that is asking me to check in.⁣

🔮✨ As a Sacred Ceremony Mentor and Divine Energy Alchemist, my work allows me to help Goddesses who said yes to my guidance to cross the bridge between consciousness and journey deep into the underground unconsciousness and subconscious caverns to see the patterns as it is with clarity- without judgement, all masks ripped off and all the spaces in-between open to slip in and embrace the feelings of lack and fear as an adult - emotions that are so often pushed away and buried deep down.⁣

And what you push away will continue to intensify. So, enough of that! 👩‍🎤⁣

Most of the time, there needs to be forgiveness.⁣

Most of the time, there needs to be a beholding, a witnessing of letting go and love for the inner child.⁣

If I could leave behind a message with my very last breath, it would be: Goddesses of our times are not meant to be perfectionists.⁣

Goddess 🥀, you are called to remember your brilliance and hold the highest resonance that is now available for you.⁣

These uplevelling frequencies may manifest in dark nights of the soul, broken hearts and bones, loss and grief - so sit in stillness now and listen. You've got work to do. You are called to show the F up.⁣

It is time to FREE yourself from feeling shackled to the mundane mainstream and awaken your soul’s sacred calling to do what lights you and the world up.⁣

Exposing the ways your current mindset is keeping you from tapping into your true potential is the first step, woman! ⁣

👩‍🎤 In our work together you will learn to remember your way back to your Goddess wholeness. Get the support that blends embodied strategy and spirituality right here with me. ⁣

💝 What I would love to have you do is to get on a heart-to-heart call with me now and let's get down to what your blindspots are and get you started with manifesting the health, confidence and relationships you are born to have!⁣

My commitment to this work is 111% on fire. 🔥 ⁣

Only get on a call if you're serious about claiming your power back and raising your self-worth. Ask potent questions, stake a claim on your value. 💞⁣



🐚 Join the divine sisterhood in my free Facebook group The Siren Goddess Collective: Awaken Deep Divine Self-Love to receive resources to work with your energy, spirit and plant allies to flourish and prosper in your most beautiful life. LINK ALSO IN BIO 🧜‍♀️ ⁣⁣






Warmest Love,⁣⁣⁣



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