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On Authenticity And Belonging

Last night, a circle of precious beings came together with me to explore Authenticity and Belonging. ⁣ It is a deep subject, one that would take longer than 45 minutes to unpeeled, but we certainly did go deep anyway. ⁣ My identity is constructed upon "Never Belonged Anywhere".⁣ I always have felt a little like the sad oddball, never quite easeful with social functions, not quite cool enough ever.⁣ I had social proofs of that and that reinforced my identity.⁣ The sense of wonderment in me now allows me to be who I am unapologetically, even though I still feel like an oddball all the time in social occasions.⁣ But this is where the key to Authenticity and Belonging can be found.⁣ For me, standing in my authentic power allows me to tap into a centre of pure energy and stillness where I won't be swept away by the storming thoughts in my mind ⁣ For me, tapping into this great source, this centre of stillness, has allowed me to come home every single day.⁣ And for the first time in my entire life, Tea gives me a space to belong.⁣ When left to the mind, we see life as complicated, risky to be real, impossible even for some to feel truly like they belong.⁣ Perhaps you have given your all before but found yourself feeling betrayed, broken apart, abandoned.⁣ Perhaps you hear yourself saying, "Nothing seems to work. I don't know where I am going. I am so done with trying so hard."⁣ It is uncomfortable perhaps. It might bring up all kinds of sh*t for you - you might become offended, defensive, angry - but if you can truly embody that truth, your life is forever changed for the better.⁣ I am so grateful I can now share empowering practices and rituals that you can take with you, rinse and repeat, and clear out blocks.⁣ In 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑽𝒐𝒊𝒅~ you will learn that these feelings are simply gunk in your energy field and you will be able to refocus your splattered vibration and come back into the core of your being, uplevelling your consciousness to receive all the great stuff that is waiting for you.⁣ ♥️ If you're ready to align with your Soulful Self and live a life in deep love and calm joy, sign up as an early 🐦by 11.59pm BST today! DM me to start, my loves ❤

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