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New Moon in Virgo Moon Circle

Setting intentions as the new moon energy moves around us is a beautiful way to manifest your deepest dreams, prepare you for bigger shifts in your life, and release all that do not serve us. This new moon will be stationed in Virgo, an astrological sign that is symbolised by the virgin. This placement occurs at a time when the Sun is also in the same sign, thus amplifying its powers - after all, the moon reflects the light of the sun. Deeply in tune with Mother Earth, Virgo reminds us of the need to root into this energy by purifying our hearts and minds to come back into harmony with nature and authentic self, to remember  that we are all part of this great cosmos. In my meditations most recently I have seen a white lotus flower blossoming forth.⁣

If you find yourself tuning into Virgo's more shadow aspects - a perfectionist who is highly critical and controlling - then this ceremony will allow you to come to a meditative state that eases your being into no-mind's land, a state of being that gives you a frame to surrender, with rippling effects that can fine-tune (another beautiful characteristic of Virgo) you to your highest self and self-worth.⁣


We honour this powerful new moon tomorrow at 2pm BST // 9pm MYT in a moon circle, hosted on @supparetreat with the crystal of the moon (green aventurine) sourced by @wondrouscurations. ⁣〰️🌑〰️




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