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New Moon In Cancer Blessings

My heart ❤ is so full of awe and gratitude.

🎑 On this new moon in Cancer, my rising in the same sign cannot help but gush about the immense joy I have for the reality I live in every single day - working with and supported by incredible women, who are Goddesses, Witches and Queens in their own right. 🪄🖤

These women who do the work to light up the world. ⚡

These women who are diligently facing their darkness to understand themselves more deeply so they can be in service for others.

These women who stand so powerfully in their authenticity and truth. 💖

These women who hold the key to a vision that is true and breaks down all old paradigms. 🐉🗝

I am in awe.

No matter the different takes, stances and modalities...

We work together. 🌟

A pinch-me moment as I sit here revelling in this great abundance.

🎊 THIS is the limitless abundance we have been seeking.

🎋 It is all right here.

And I am a living proof that you can live and embody it too. 🧜‍♀️

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now, let's all rise together, shall we? ☄😉

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