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New Home, New Space

Today, I sat for the first time in reverent silence in my new home in Edinburgh with my love. At the end of three bowls of tea he said to me, "I love you. I saw our spirits intertwine, both of us connected to each other". I needed not say anything, for that has always been something that has come so clearly whenever I sat in tea meditation back in Hong Kong at Five Elements Habitat. . I have indeed been missing the tea community immensely. I miss having tea with my tea sisters Resham Daswani and May Nogoy -- isn't it a testament to how powerful the Tea Spirit is, for we feel so connected in the space in which we drink Her in, without many words passed in exchange? Something electric passes through the telepathic space between us all, and that is something I do miss and hope to forge anew here in Edinburgh, or anywhere life may lead. . This sadness flowed away with the fluid that coursed through my body, for She assured me that She will always connect us all to love, harmony, and peace. So in this love and light I sat, and upon opening my eyes, what my love said without any prompt, holds all the truth that I have found and continue to find in Tea. 🌿

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