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Never Turn Against Yourself Ever Again

🤍 Never turn against yourself ever again. 🤍⁣

Last week, when I was holding space for one of my clients in my A Space To Be Free mentorship for disordered eating recovery, I heard this message come through loud and clear.⁣

In this alchemical healing space, I am always rooted in my own truth as I allow the words to channel through.⁣

I told her about how at first as the eldest in my family, in my earliest memories I was never really self-conscious. I was always daydreaming and in my happy bubble. ⁣

About the time when my body first hit puberty, I was getting jeered at behind my back for my breasts. ⁣

There was a boy on the basketball team telling his teammates and another team from another school about how when I sat at my school desk my breasts "plopped" on top of the table.⁣

Emotionally I think that was the beginning of the unravelling of my childhood innocence. ⁣

When I became hyper conscious of my body and gained a false sense of security by controlling my appearance.⁣

About the time when I finally said, that's it. I am going to make it my priority to heal my relationship to my body and put myself first.⁣

About how I went from unable to look myself in the reflection of myself to feeling my soul, my self, move and breathe inside of my body.⁣

The moment that opened my heart up again after years of being clamped up; my mind to infinite possibilities and our spiritual limitlessness.⁣

This was a time when I started to visualise the person with whom I wanted to have a relationship. ⁣

I would imagine him next to me when I walked home on the busy street of Hong Kong. ⁣

I would feel the love emanate from my heart already even before he appeared in this human timeline. ⁣

And this is what I wish for you to know.⁣

That your true magnificence and self-healing potential are already... YOU. ⁣

This journey to full recovery will present to you the greatest gifts that will show you ways to connect with your wholeness. ⁣

My mission is to help you see that you are so much more than one identification with disordered eating, this body or mind.⁣

My free discovery calls 〰️ designed to give you clarity on your healing roadmap.

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