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My Favourite Kind Of Weather

🌬 My favourite kind of weather 🌧

With my eyes closed

The sound of car tyres against the watery soot

Reminds me of the ocean waves crashing against the shores in a distance.

When we reach the innermost depths of our lives

It is the simplest things that we remember.

The ones that passed us by.

The ones that didn't quite count in our minds.

Skin that brush past the back of your hand.

The way her eyes glowed in that shaft of sunlight.

The clouds sliding across the sky, shifting the light on the tarmac.

The breath that gets carried away on the wings of the westerly wind.

The leaves that rustle in the presence of movement in the air.

The log that falls off and burns away with a tiny spark in the fireplace.

The song that comes on the radio on a road trip.

Rain sliding across the windowpane.

Dao lives on in everyone and everything.

You and I

We sit here holding hands.

You and I

Reading each other's words

Passing messages on this screen

Nonchalance that may not even be remembered across the vast passage of time.

And yet.

Nothing is ever a coincidence.

You and I

If we are lucky we will sit here more than once

Maybe twice

Maybe thrice.

If we are lucky we will shed tears here


If we are lucky enough to see each other again and again

Share laughter and calm and unspoken love

Share Tea from one bowl

You and I

Sitting together in

My favourite kind of weather.

I bow deeply to you

Thanking you

For allowing me to hold you

To witness you

To guide you.

You and I

Sitting here together

Resolving karmic ties

Raising the collective consciousness.

You and I

Do you see the greater interstellar mandala we are weaving here,

Just you and I?

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