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Mindfulness in Thoughts: Keep Doing The Work To Raise Your Vibration Level

When the Universe speaks, you can be sure to listen.⁣

For a number of times today I was flagged this: ⁣

Your thoughts matter more than ever now. It's important to know that it is okay for us to thrash about in fury and frustration; it is okay to make mistakes and show up imperfectly. The most important thing is we all show up in authenticity and make raising our vibrations our absolute priority, and remaining in love our fundamental truth, for Love is our true essence. ⁣

In cha dao, there is a rule of thumb to which the chajin always must strive to adhere - the heart must be still before the hand lifts the kettle. When we send out our vibration from the heart, we have to be still so that all who connect with us, feel the same stillness, the same presence, the same glow that emanates from Tea Spirit. ⁣

I invite you to this shift into the optimal vibrational level and timeline, through each bowl of Tea that we sit and have together, we shall be uplifted, and we shall find true inner peace and strength to keep showing up for the New Earth. ⁣


RSVP now for the souls who feel called to sit in ceremony with me. I look forward to living in the higher consciousness through presence, love, and compassion with you 🙏🏻🌿🕊🧡⁣

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