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Mental Health Awareness: Take Care of Each Other

When I was walking down Leith Walk today, the deserted streets and shuttered shops truly emanated a strong sense of desolation that I admit, was rather depressing to see. The bright side is that the weather is simply wonderful. If only we could all enjoy it freely – thus serving a gentle reminder to never take anything in life for granted. 🍃 When I was walking home, I walked past a grey frontage, with a bedraggled man on a bicycle, speaking plaintively to another man who was standing tentatively in the doorway. I glanced over the windowpane and saw the sign 'Mental Health Advocacy Group', and I was hit by a really strong calling to see that there are people out there, way beyond what I know, who need mental health care. They may be in serious need of some calmness, some reassurance, and in this time when social distancing is called for, they may not be getting the supposed support they are getting from institutions such as these. 🍃 This fired up my inclination to be of service – to sit with Tea and spread love with Tea; to bring consciously silent moments when you can truly be with your Highest Self, or simply, to return to your heart centre and know that we are all connected. We are here, I am here, we are all in this together. 🕊 Precious Mother Gaia, thank you for blessing us with this beautiful weather. It was like a salve, an embrace, a gentle lull. And precious Tea, thank you for giving me the courage to sit through this time and stay grounded, to serve all through this time of change. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing Tea.

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