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Mental Health Awareness Is Important: Here's How You Can Start

➰※ B E I N G ※➰

Our bodies are vessels of our souls

Ferrying our true nature and enslaved thought patterns alike with no judgement.

It is when we still ourselves that we can truly listen.

With five elements brought to life with this pair of human hands, the heart begins to open

The veil begins to lift.

When still waters speak

Our bodies transcend thoughts.

This past week has been tremendous, to say the least. Retrograde and eclipse seasons are upon us, and as our bodies are vessels of water we inevitably will feel the vibrations, the transmissions through the cosmos. Even if astrology sounds foreign to you, there is indubitably solace to be found in knowing that as transitory as planets are in the constellations above, so are our unsettling emotions. It is important to know that it is okay to be not okay.

My history of eating disorders resulted in years of mental incarceration and bodily abuse. When I found Tea I was already in recovery, but in Her stillness I found a warm healing space to which I could go every day to get into the flow of the Universe, the Way, the Dao, whenever I find myself falling into that dark hole. Tea helps me along as I burrow softly into the ground. There is a place in your heart that resides a pulsating light of truth and trust. Trust in your body no matter its transmogrification. Gratitude for this body's endlessly unconditional love for my being. Every time I emerge my heart has broken a little more; it has peeled open a little more to let in love. When your heart breaks open, you remember you are a child of the Universe, untethered and unfettered, who can ride the back of the dragon and weave through the silver clouds and still walk the Earth with calm joy when you are in the good grace of Tea.

Here is a safe space for you to sit in silent meditation with Tea. Beautiful Being to raise #mentalhealthawareness on Friday, 4pm, BST, and Sunday Six Tea Circle on Sunday, 1pm BST. If you feel called to share Tea, please RSVP in the link in my bio, and I shall meet you under the Bodhi tree of tranquillity, harmony, and love. 🕊🌿🧡

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