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Mental Health Awareness: Change Your Narrative, Change Your Life

In my mind's eye

I saw fragments of dreams

Flowing together

The energetic charge between my hands

Invisible but palpable.

Where skin touched, it felt warm

Where the untouchable stood, the current was high.

Living in comparison is a painful way of life.

Healing our relationship with our entire being again

Is to do a deep search and see with impartiality.

When you feel this coming up, try to do a scan of the room within your heart.

Would you rather be doing something else than what you are doing now?

Would you be looking back at this moment of low ebb and wishing you had appreciated this time more?

There is so much to be grateful for this moment of deep rest and retrospection. I listen when I sit with Tea. Through the silence, She speaks.

Rather than call this retrograde season a culprit for turning your world upside down, this is a truly vital moment to touch base with your heart and really listen. Rise above that ego's voice that is drowning you in its shallow pool of blame and hate and jealousy etc, all the negative feelings that really are just showing us that we are humans, that it is okay to be not okay. The important thing to remember is as the planets transit, this season in our lives will pass too.

So what are you doing to be present to the moment? To be able to experience fulfilment and bliss no matter what is happening externally, to be able to stay true to your being always? It takes courage to see your shadow self and embrace that self. It takes compassionate love to see your Highest Self and honour the most important relationship in your life – That which is with You, the I in I Am, your inner being, your Highest Self.

Root into your heart. Stop letting energies that do not serve you in. Send them away with a smile and say, I am sorry but I need to take care of myself so I can't respond just now. Stop complaining by staying in gratitude. Let the tears flow. Let the heart break. The only way out is through. Every moment is a choice. Every morning when you wake up you get to choose again to set an intention that serves you.

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