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Memories Fade, Love Does Not

I sat there on the sofa

Watching a loved one's memory fade.

It broke my heart to infinite pieces.

More than that, it broke something else inside of me.

It broke the box of my self-limitations.

I sat there on the sofa

Wishing so desperately I could hold her hands and bring her back here to this reality.

And yet,

Who is to say she isn't happy?

Who is to say that she is not living her best life?

Perhaps her reality is not my reality

But it is still somebody's reality.

And when you could live to that wise age and still remain as innocent as snow

Who is to say she isn't happy?

I held her in my energetic vortex

I sent her waves of calmness and love

The loving presence brought her back here

Even though her mind had spooled away.

Energetic presence is incredibly and deeply powerful.

Her memories scattered

She could still understand energetically who she was

That it was safe to be here with me.

Though her mind had run away with my name

And she had forgotten who I was.

But I feel she hasn't lost anything

We never lose anything

We only ever move towards our true essence

That is energy from the Universal Source.

And maybe that takes shedding and throwing away

But there is always grace

There is always such grace and ease

Available for us.


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