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Mars Goes Into Retrograde: Challenges Are Blessings

🌊 🪐 Rx ·⁣

Today feels heavy on the bones, like a damp dishcloth on the soul. Rain had fallen all afternoon. Light had shape-shifted. Shadows had danced across my Dian Hong as I sat here with just a ceramic bowl and Tea leaves. Sometimes we need to go back to basics to remove all our inequity, restive doubts about life and love and everything that uplifts that which is known as our frequency. I thought about freedom and the many nuances to the meaning of being free. I thought about how something that once was the thing that set us free could come to also bound our hands and dissemble our eyes, shackle our feet. ⁣

And so it is that we sit with no-mind so that we could allow the Dao flow through us, flooding us with the high frequency of calm joy and surrender. We often think this is some form of giving up and inertia, and I do not mince on the giving up part of it. It is in the giving up that we finally find the solution, the revelations, the answers that we need. We often think myths are just some housewife's and children's entertainment, but in every myth is interwoven the bloodlines of centuries ago, of ancestral conditioning and seeing through this can give us an intuitively guided insight into all that come before us. Intuition, when woven together with logic, can be the greatest key to unlock our fullest potential.⁣

I am incredibly honoured to walk the Dao with you to fulfill your soul mission. ⁣Private Tea Ceremony offering is in the link in my bio.

☯️ P O E T R Y⁣ ☯️

Cha Dao: Poetry, Presence and Connection embraces our roles as the forever student of the Leaf (again with the no-mind) to come together in a mandala of love to open hearts, open minds. In the seven weeks you will be brought to the altars of gods and goddesses who had had a magical finger in the teachings of Tea, with a stroll through the poetry of Dao with studies in the famous sages and Tea masters, as well as my favourite mystic poets. So much more still to get to, but I shall leave it here for now. Again with the no-mind, shed your preconceptions of poetry and broaden your view on what the word could possibly stir up within you. 

What is your poetry? ➰〰️🕊🍃

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