Making The Best Of Our Perfectly Imperfect Life

Life is thus.⁣

Life just is.⁣

This fragile little mandala⁣

So precious, so breakable⁣

So sacred. ⁣

Every chance encounter⁣

Every word passed between us⁣

Every karmic tie that we have to resolve in each lifetime⁣

The people we meet one lifetime and then the next.⁣

If you believe in such a thing as karma⁣

How we keep meeting the same people in different incarnations in each lifetime.⁣

I sat and contemplated the miracles⁣

And the sheer immensity of these tenuous connections felt so overwhelming ⁣

Tears fall for the time when we will forget each other again ⁣

Tears fall for the next lifetime when our stories will start on a clean slate again⁣

The mystical path unwinds in a solitary wind⁣

And yet I feel consoled by the unwavering gaze of the Divine⁣

The Beloved's gaze is so close⁣

Close to grazing ⁣

Barely touching upon the veil held against my skin before He moves away again.⁣

Those who come to see Him in plain sight often get scorched by His light⁣

The perfection glimpsed will be their undoing.⁣

That is why we have to forget to live here in this earthly existence. ⁣

And yet in every twisted twig, every asymmetrical bowl, every chipped teapot, ⁣

We see perfection in imperfections. ⁣

We see beauty in the now.⁣

The will to control our weight, the incredible impulse to take leaps of faith to go beyond the mind, the divine timings; ⁣

And then on the other side of the coin - the broken promises, the fights, the squandering, the missed opportunities...⁣

We see how beautiful ephemera in this human life is.⁣

Never wanting, simply being ⁣