Life Is But A Dream

What do I do when I can't help seeing everything as simply this:⁣

An illusion?⁣

When I sit here with my gaze that pierces through the veil⁣

I can't help seeing how everything can crumble⁣

And a mighty hand can sweep it all away⁣

Dust in the wind.⁣

Words cannot help me put it into context ⁣

Sitting across faces ⁣

Sitting with trees and the soil ⁣

I can't help but feel like I am losing the thread here.⁣

What do I do when I disperse into light?⁣

All I know of life is how tired we all humans are when we are striving and strifing and cutting ourselves down and shrinking in fear.⁣

I see you fighting to be free of the demons that shake you to th