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Life After Anorexia

I went running again after at least three years of quitting running!⁣

It all began when I injured my foot from overexercising and over-exertion.⁣

I was spending hours in the park, in the gym because I had believed that was the only way I could deserve to eat.⁣

Deeply entrenched in anorexia, it was beyond terrifying when I heard from the doctors that I needed to give up running or any form of high intensity workouts.⁣

I remember thinking: "What am I going to do? I am going to put on so much weight!"⁣

Long story short, I had to give in.⁣

When my injury healed I did not get back into running because, well, there were leftover diet traumas in the idea of running.⁣

But this time around, I ran for fun and I did not feel the pressure at all to look a certain way when I was running next to my husband (I used to be horrified by how "dishevelled" and "bloated" I looked whilst exercising. Heck, few years ago I would never be photographed or go on Lives without makeup!).⁣

What changed?⁣

Well, I was simply so done with living imprisoned by diets, overexercising and incessant berating and bullying of myself in my head.⁣

Unless you give yourself full permission to release body shame, you will continue to stay stuck in this state of massive energy leak. ⁣

You've got to be the one to make it easy! 😘⁣

I faced up to my greatest fears and shame and embraced all of it. ⁣

My commitment to loving myself through the wild ride was pivotal and unwavering and renewed at every moment.⁣

🎐 Are you ready to radically shift from body hate to full on embodied body love?⁣

I invite you today to commit to liberating yourself NOW with a full embodied YES because that is the first major step you need to take to rise out of hate and shame in this holy instant, for good.⁣

Without it you will stay chained to⁣

😱 shame and self-hate as you continue the exhausting search for the next thing to fix society decided for you, ⁣

😖 endless bullying and abandoning of yourself⁣

😭 hiding away your true voice as you kiss your delicious life of grace and ease goodbye forever. ⁣

If you are ready to claim back your freedom, gorgeous, and uncover how you can work with your body with grace and ease, I am here to hold your hand through it with a free Sacred Body Mapping Heart-to-Heart call ♥️🕊♥️ to get to the root of why other diets have failed you 😒 and what 🌸 core shift will make all the difference in your journey.⁣

💙 And yes, I have only a few spots open on my 6-Month Immersion to keep it intimate.⁣⁣


✋🏻 BUT this is my commitment to you: I am not going to pitch to you or do hardcore sales on the call AT ALL unless you explicitly express interest in joining me to fast-track you to ditch the scale and fall in love with your body without spending another second trapped in a diet and relapse.⁣⁣

I have limited spaces and book out fast, so check out my schedule and book in. 📅⁣⁣



〰️ BOOK HERE: ⁣⁣

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