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Letting Go is Within Control

°◇ S H A R I N G | S P A C E ◇° · Have you ever had a tea ceremony in which you experience something beyond your control and feels like a test to your tenacity of mind and your heart's ability to stay in compassion and grace? I have had one today when things did not quite go my way – not because I was lacking in the stillness of my heart and mind, neither was it because my spirit was not staying with Tea – but because my guest was embroiled in a cloud of frustration, a cloud of dark stormy resentment that trailed in with him. Eventually he moved into the heart space of Tea and emerged with lightness and gratitude and love, but I myself as the chajin was indeed, challenged – in this scenario I had sat with the Tea and asked my spirit guides to bring in compassion and love, and to send mollifying transmissions of calmness to my guest. It is another lesson, just with all things in Cha Dao, transmitted through Tea, and I am truly so grateful for Her, for always bringing me to a higher state of consciousness. Translated into real life, I come to understand that though extenuating circumstances are beyond our control, we can most definitely decide on how we want to respond. And sometimes, as with Zen, we have to get playful about life and relinquish control to gain some powerful insights. Playfulness so often leads to more love, for we are returning to our child-like state, innocently and trustingly treading towards another person or situation. · To my fellow chajin, how do you stay with the Tea?

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