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Let The Dao Lead

The leap from knowing to being is the secret to juicy manifestations.⁣

It isn't evil to want.⁣

But striving and trying all your life is not mandatory in life.⁣

When you awaken to the truth of life, you are never going to feel lack ever again. ⁣

Because the Dao will reveal to you that life is always and always has been a free and easy wandering.⁣

When you know what is true, you can feel it in your heart.⁣

With any creations of art,  we glimpse states of perfection. Art moves us deep at the core.⁣

And the sacred art of Tea, Cha Dao, moves us to different states of perfection, simply through harmony, reverence, purity, and tranquillity. ⁣

In this virtual Mountain Retreat, we begin on January 23 to push back the veil of forgetfulness to open up to receive the first transmission of how Tea bridges heaven and earth. ⁣

I will peel back some of the juicy teachings I provide in my long-term retreat programme SHUNYATA here, so for only a fraction of the price you get to learn ~ ⛰ ⁣

〰️ It is in the no·thingness, the unmanifest, that you become present to limitless possibilities -> effectively alchemise emotions to end the chase after the perfect something ⁣

〰️ learn to see that Zen is in our everyday life -> cultivate a space of wholeness where there is nothing to do and improve⁣

〰️ Control hides a deep-set stagnation of energies and loss of touch with your true feelings -> work your own deep magic and alchemy by learning how to catalyse the Three Treasures - Shen, Jing and Qi⁣

〰️ Embrace and love the mystery of life's vicissitudes -> there is no need to struggle and effort as you learn there is a divine power at work⁣

🍃 link in bio to sign up by January 16 to ensure your kit arrives in time 🍃

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