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Let's Get Real

There is a fear that "if I eat based on what I want to eat I will get really fat".⁣


"If I start to eat I know I won't stop. That's what ultimately happens, even when I eat healthy."⁣


Let's be honest and look at your foundation.

🫂💕 Have you been eating?⁣

🍃 Next, understand that your gut is a constant companion and great indicator. But if you are driven by fear and attachment to an outcome then your gut is going to do what it does best: protect you.⁣

✌ Shift out of the old point of view. Only when you make a shift can there be a change. Know that you are not alone. When you can't find that faith in you, you can borrow that belief from your support system. From us. This community that is truly here to see and witness your alchemy, to hold you through the storms. ⁣

3️⃣ Have so much compassion for your own progress. There is no goal or achievement here. We are only living in the present moment in the best way we can be. Continuously live by the adage: how can I raise my vibration today? And often times that starts with nourishing your body first, and all else will follow.⁣

❄ So start small. Just one small item on your plate. And then build from there gradually.

Your ego mind - or Defensive Self - just needs to be assured. Don't beat it into submission or ignore it. Instead, show up with your tenacity. By strengthening your new mindset through showing your ego there is nothing to fear, you can progress forward and onward on the Sacred Way back home to your Soul - and that is worth celebrating at every step of the Way.⁣


Join our Sacred Circle for Disordered Eating Recovery on Sunday, March 21, 11am GMT where you can simply be there, no need for doing or speaking. These circles have been incredible for us all to tap into deeper parts of ourselves through sharing energy and stories in this non-judgmental space.

🤍 zoom link is in the events page in this group to join 🪶

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