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Lessons From Cha Dao

Ever since transitioning to a life in service with Tea, I have had to confront some real, deeply-ingrained demons. I have had to truly confront the truth that I am not everyone's cup of Tea.⁣

I have had to sit down with Patience and accept the cycles of life, the seasonality of rest and work. I also have had to come face-to-face with some real questions about my sense of self-worth. Am I defined by my own belief in my dreams and visions, or am I simply existing based on my ego, who thrives on other people's acknowledgement of me?⁣

I have had to heed the cold hard knocks of the fear of lack and scarcity, a force that could drive anyone back into their woodshed and disconnect from that innate god-given right for abundance. I have had to understand the silence that I have met in the face of transparency and sometimes even, pleas for help. ⁣

I don't think I have to ask how one could ground one self when these ominous clouds move past one's soul, for I know we can choose to turn to Cha - bowls of Tea attuned to an innate quietude - and Dao, a solitary path, a hermit no-mind, no-body who understands nothing and everything about the Soul. 🕊🌿🌊⁣

☯️ W A L K T H E D A O ☯️⁣

※ Weekly Monday Morning Virtual Tea Ceremonies ·.· ⁣

8.30am & 10.30am BST ⁣

※ New Moon in Leo 🌑 Virtual Tea Ceremony .·.⁣

August 19, 1pm BST⁣

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