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Learning To Unlearn

Learning to unlearn⁣

In the field of disordered eating and ED recovery, there are lots of talk about antidotes to what have become part of our ego's blueprint, all of which are largely externally conditioned. ⁣

I have no interest in telling you what to do or what not to do.⁣

I have no interest in telling you to ignore what others say about you.⁣

Because the truth is, you have been seeking for permission all your life and will be seeking for permission as long as you let disordered eating run the show.⁣

You have been seeking for approval, the permission to eat, when to eat, how to eat, how much to eat...⁣

If you look at it with clarity you see a child begging for approval, begging to be seen, to be liked, to be given the permission to exist. ⁣

My heart cries for this child. ⁣

And I ask you to not neglect this child inside of you any longer. ⁣

My interest lies in the sacrament of your soul. ⁣

How you can begin to listen to your soul's whispers again. It is always there, even when you are in a state of despair. ⁣

Isn't it interesting, how disrepair and despair look so alike?⁣

Presence guides you to a path of serenity. Presence is placating, and it can also illuminate many of your darkest ways to the soul. If you have courage to walk through the darkness I promise you will find strength in awareness, in self-cultivation, in letting things go the way it is, and serenity will follow because you are no longer in want of control. You are simply being, fluidly pouring through space and circumstances. ⁣

Your relationship with food is never simply just about fixing the way you eat and how to stop without gaining weight.⁣

I have no interest in fixing you.⁣

What I have interest in, is empowering you with the Sacred Way to unconditionally accept your own presence and love yourself fully. No apologies, no matter what. ⁣

What I have interest in is returning you to your soul's sovereign power. ⁣


Who am I?⁣

I am LiYing, your guide and initiator into the Sacred Way through natured-led practices and the supportive system of non-judgmental spaces. My teachings are centred upon the heart, always revolving around love, poetry, presence and connection. I seek to honour the souls within each one of us with the lost art of sacred body-spirit connection. To date, I have hosted over hundreds of Tea Ceremonies in the tradition of Cha Dao that give a non-judgmental and non-duality space for beings who seek to be in harmony with nature and heighten their spiritual sensitivity. ⁣

I currently work privately and hold Sacred Circles with beings with restrictive and disordered eating through a fluid, intuitive programme called A Space To Be Free to make way for full body acceptance and true embodiment of the present moment in both their spiritual and human existence. ⁣

Learn all about how Your Body Is The Home For Your Spirit. Book in for a complimentary Share and Heal Session worth £300 now, or join the next Sacred Circle on February 28, at 12pm GMT. Link in bio. 🍃⁣


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