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Last Post Of 2020

Precious beings,⁣

In non-linear time we have already shared many bowls of Tea;⁣

Standing in the mandala of love that transcends time and space⁣

I bow down to you⁣

With faith⁣

Gratitude ⁣

For all the Truth you reflect in me⁣

And I in you.⁣

May we all live in our true nature, our most authentic selves, in our soul's inextinguishable existence.⁣

May we find the goddess of compassion Guan Yin within us, always, proffering a bowl of Tea in exchange for our highest Truth, just as She did with Lao Tzu to ask him to immortalise the words of Tao Te Ching when he walked the misty mountains, so close to heaven's gates. ⁣


Thank you. Join me in my walk towards the full moon - a buddhist symbol of enlightenment. 🕊🌕

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