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Join The Free Masterclass For Disordered Eating Recovery

"I dare not try to ease off and I always say just one more day of controlling my food and then I can relax..."⁣

💔 The heartbreaking thing I see so often is that through all the good intentions, hopes, dreams and desires of the women who are seeking to recover from disordered eating, the one thing that is the root of all the struggles they experience in recovery is hardly ever addressed in therapy. ⁣

The Manifestation of that fear comes in the size of the big question:⁣

"How can I eat and still lose weight?"⁣

"How can I recover but not become fat?"⁣

"How do I get rid of the fear of gaining weight?" ⁣

My heart is ready to guide you to break this cycle, and I am addressing these questions in my free masterclass.⁣

Who is ready to get over the fear of "getting fat" once and for all? ⁣

RSVP to my FREE MASTERCLASS: Overcome The Fear Of Gaining Weight Without Restrictive Diets & Overexercising to find out. ⁣

〰️🔗 IN BIO 〰️⁣

I am giving you a super honest and 100% no-holds-bar taster session from my programme A SPACE TO BE FREE on this masterclass, which gets you from the endless dieting, starving and bingeing, shame and guilt, once and for all...⁣⁣


♥️ Eating delicious food with no guilt ⁣

♥️ No more counting calories⁣

♥️ No more excessive exercise afterwards⁣

♥️ Higher mental capacity and energy ⁣

♥️ Saying goodbye to the constricting diet mentality for good⁣

♥️ No more obsessing over what others would think about you⁣

♥️ Reconnecting to your highest self-worth⁣


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