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Join Me: Pink Full Supermoon in Libra Tea Ceremony Tomorrow With Me on Instagram Live

Falling into the wings of ♡ A N G E L S♡ . This pink super full moon is so gentle, its energy so bountiful and generous, I am already feeling an overflow of astral light and gratitude. Though Libra is an air element, I feel that when it is in direct conjunction with Aries the sun (a fire element) and with so many planets parked in Capricorn, the earth element, I am feeling so deeply intertwined with Mother Gaia this time around, more so than ever. Full moons occur when the Earth is directly facing the Moon, and I like the thought of that, of us all reflecting each other, mirroring each other in all the courses of our lives. In the Spirit of Tea, we are in harmony, bathed by the soothing light of the moon in Libra. . I will be taking this energy with me tomorrow April 8 and sitting with Tea at 1pm GMT here on #instagramlive. It would be my immense pleasure if you could join me. #byot, and let's come together like in the convivial Librans do.

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