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Join Me On The Spirit Path Tea Circle

I have infinite gratitude for the welcoming Tea community. When I first joined @globalteahut, I have been met with so much warmth and kindness from all across the world. ⁣⁣

Hence, I feel the call to create a space, steeped with Tea, where it is absolutely safe for us all to speak up, to have our voices heard, to heal, to connect, and to remind ourselves of the power of love. ⁣As the space grows so will the energy - this is a movement of which I am so proud to be part, a network where we can lift each other up with our very own unique expertise. As we come together to help each other in this space steeped in Tea Spirit - with no ego or identities - we can all become each other's resources, each other's cheerleader.⁣


In light of this, I am so delighted (and also nervous! The good kind of nervous!) to start the Spirit Path Tea Circle. Everybody is welcome, whether you connect with Tea on a soul level, or a tea expert looking to deepen your spiritual connection with Her, or simply someone who is entirely new and would like to begin a meditation practice with Tea. Trust that you will be held here in this space. We will also journey upon Cha Dao together with weekly meditations, around-the-clock support, Tea chats and spiritual channelling, and of course, as I can't possibly resist it, poetry.⁣ We all have a story to tell, and in the process of opening our hearts and turning inward we can all peel away and shift into a higher consciousness, becoming our authentic self.⁣

If you choose Love, then this is your opportunity to nurture and expand your consciousness. When you are centred and connected to the divine, you can meet any circumstances with grace and compassion, with loving kindness. See you soon my loves. Let's shift to the new paradigm that serves the highest good, let's find each other, Spirit Path Seekers! 🧡🙏🏻🌿⁣

This circle is for you if...⁣

※ You are ready to stop the narrative that doesn't allow you to be the star of your show.⁣

※ You want to be part of a like-minded community ⁣

※ You would like to explore the connections between crystals, chakra and Tea and deepen your intuition ⁣

※ You want to be able to mindfully observe your thoughts

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