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Join Me For A Virtual Tea Ceremony To Prepare For Daylight Saving

○ D A Y L I G H T ○ S A V I N G ○ Join me for Tea on March 28: a day before the clocks turn, we draw out in deep exhale the light of spring together with Mother Gaia in this 1-hour tea ceremony. As we skip ahead in time continuum we need also a tune up energetically, and what better way to stay still and present through tea? In the making of a 3 dimensional shift of time we are aware of the elongated days; however, we must also take time on this day itself as we adjust the clocks to let our bodies sink into this new time continuum properly. We will turn inward with a tea selected from the finest collection to feel deeply into this changing of the season as well as bask in the glorious liquid light. The bowls, as they come and go during the tea ceremony, is a symbolic mandala of our connection – as we sit together we drop all egos and identities, simply being ourselves, with the conscious awareness that we are also all individuals who will eventually leave this ceremony to go on with our lives. In this moment, it will be my honour to sit and connect us all. I will be conducting this tea ceremony on Instagram Live at 1pm GMT/9pm HKT. Please come share this telepathic space with Tea. Thank you. 🕊 Namaste and thank you very much for your presence. 💫

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