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It Is Never Too Late To Start Again

They tell me that I had to figure all my sh*t out or else.⁣ They tell me I can't talk about the woo because no one gets it.⁣ They tell me I am too old to switch careers and can risk never getting hired again because I am getting older each year I choose to step out of my previous career field.⁣ I could choose to internalise these words into my truth.⁣ Instead I remember the daily vow I took for my spirit - to never abandon myself ever again.⁣ And so.⁣ I allowed those words to tremble in me.⁣ To shake me.⁣ To travel down in shivers through my spine to the deep belly within me.⁣ I allowed them to move through me to alchemise the wounds, turn metal into gold.⁣ I won't avoid these fears that arise in me, for they are part of me too as much as my light and truth.⁣ I won't stop at the terrorising ego trips my mind is wired to do because I know my mind is merely doing what it is designed to do. ⁣ I am humbled by the power that comes with really embodying this truth now - that I am never going to figure my sh*t out completely before I go for what I truly want. ⁣ That none of us really do because life is never absolute.⁣ I risk it all because I know the vision I hold for myself as my truth.⁣ It is never too late to start again.⁣ Today, my mentor said to me, It is okay to outgrow some people.⁣ THAT IS INFINITELY TRUE but so hard to accept because we all fear being left alone.⁣ And no you never need to be completely ready to jump! ⁣ Send love to those who cannot believe in your dreams. They merely are afraid to chase their own.⁣ When you begin to reach for yours you open doors. ⁣ And the irony is, you also open a door that gives them the permission to believe in their own dreams too.⁣ 💃 Let's usher in a new era in which women STOP APOLOGISING for empowering themselves. ⁣ Women who have the power to rise and support others to rise.⁣ Because the more we have, the more we can put back in to serve the highest good. 🌠⁣ The Void~The 8-Week Immersion is designed to quantum flip your mindset to empower you to rise into your own freedom. We start in October. ➡️ But if you are still toeing the edge and sitting on the fence... Next Wednesday at 8pm UK time I am hosting a free mastermind to show you how you can activate your playful spirit and reach for your dreams and live life with grace and ease. ✨⁣ DM me now if you want to join us! Totally no strings attached. No expectations. You have full access to me for 45 minutes.

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