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In The Presence Of Presence

I stand on top of the mountain

I am moving with the clouds.

I yearn for the mountains

I yearn for these caves.

I yearn for the water that runs down my body

Icy cold stream

Against my raw skin.

Memories are collapsing all around me

Debris and detritus flying towards the dark sun.

I cannot see in the occluding light

There is a black hole in the centre that is sucking all of life

Out of earth

Out of this earthly plain.

What power do I have

In this naked form?

What defense do I need

Without my armour and a fortress in sight?

There is nowhere to hide.

I am blinded

But then I remember

I can hear.

I can feel.

I can listen.

In this terrible silence that may seem terrible

But is truly a place I have always belonged

I can listen

And remember.

Remember the impartial love of the Divine

Who will accept all of me, every imperfect part of me.

So who am I to not accept all of me?

I drop to my knees

As the vortex continues to draw every bit of me now into the great dark void

I am now a great many fragmented pieces

In the great void

I am floating

At peace

At home.

Where the Universe shall enter me again and the Beloved Divine shall create me whole again...

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