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In Silence, Tea Comes Alive

I know silence now as I used to know her before I cast an arch across the sky and punctuated the constellations. ⁣

Punching in for this lifetime⁣

Putting name to this vessel of mine.⁣

It has not always been this way.⁣

I allowed myself to disintegrate in unconscious ways.⁣

I spent years annihilating my body⁣

Not understanding how the moon could look so beautiful against this skin⁣

Not seeing how tears could glisten like diamonds in the rough.⁣

I knew silence then as a static drop on the phone line,⁣

A foreshadowing before he opened his mouth to speak words of destruction,⁣

A litany of words to cast me aside as someone who needs to be better, thinner, taller, louder, softer, fatter, skinnier, fairer.⁣

Tea met me and I knew Her silence as I would my home.⁣

Now I see the Dao that flows within.⁣

I see that true surrender lies in the present moment.⁣

In existing in this moment, ⁣

I feel all my sinews and bones come alive. ⁣

These leaves I alchemised with loving hands and hot water⁣

Their bodies unfurling in earthenware ⁣

Their skeletal webs imprinting hundreds and perhaps thousand years old stories on my soul.⁣

And this is when my soul remembers all the time before I existed here and now.⁣

Tea re-members the soul and the body.⁣

Tea reunites us all; Tea reunites the dynamic duo that is the body and heart. Tea gives the mind a restful place to land. ⁣

Dao then can flow through us,⁣

Take us to the no-mind land⁣

Where we can reach our fingers through Heaven's angel hair;⁣

And ground our feet on Earth's feminine embrace.⁣

Let Tea cast off these shackles.⁣

Let Tea fling away these clothes that clothed us with names and labels.⁣

Let Tea simply allow our awareness to gently arise ⁣

In symphony with the rain, the stars, the sun, and the moon.⁣

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