In Silence, Tea Comes Alive

I know silence now as I used to know her before I cast an arch across the sky and punctuated the constellations. ⁣

Punching in for this lifetime⁣

Putting name to this vessel of mine.⁣

It has not always been this way.⁣

I allowed myself to disintegrate in unconscious ways.⁣

I spent years annihilating my body⁣

Not understanding how the moon could look so beautiful against this skin⁣

Not seeing how tears could glisten like diamonds in the rough.⁣

I knew silence then as a static drop on the phone line,⁣

A foreshadowing before he opened his mouth to speak words of destruction,⁣

A litany of words to cast me aside as someone who needs to be better, thinner, taller, louder, softer, fatter, skinnier, fairer.⁣

Tea met me and I knew Her silence as I would my home.⁣